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Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten students at Roseburg Christian Academy have the best adventures on the planet! They get to have awesome story times,  show-and-tell, learn about holidays from around the world, all while learning all of the fundamentals to succeed in life! There are crafts and art projects! Kindergarten is the best!



Kindergarten Supplies 2022-23

  • 3 boxes of washable Crayola markers (fatter markers are better than skinny ones)
  • 24 pack of water bottles
  • 5 or more glue sticks
  • 1 Friskars scissors
  • 1, 4-pack of Play Doh**
  • 1, pack of fat Ticonderoga pencils
  • 1, pack of regular Ticonderoga pencils 

(please put your child’s name on the following supplies)

  • 7 folders with bottom pockets
  • 3 spiral notebooks used for art journals
  • Lunch box
  • Backpack w/an extra change of clothes in case of accidents

*Your child needs to be fully potty trained to come to Kindergarten. Even at that, there are still a few accidents with all the excitement of the first few weeks of school. If your child has an accident, he/she will need to be able to get cleaned up and change themselves because I will not be able to do that. The extra change of clothes in their backpack is very helpful so that I don’t have to call you to come change them, and it also isn’t as embarrassing for them.

** Home-made Play doh is awesome too!